Measuring Slide VLM 120

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How does a vacuum preloaded measuring slide work?

We have developed the VLM 120 to make the measuring of linearity, parallelism and straigthness in ultra precision fast, easy and efficient. The system is portable and there for useable wherever you migth need it.

As reference high precision granite/ceramic plates or beams are used. During the measuring the VLM 120 slides frictionless on the surface of the granite.

The measuring slide is pulled down to two sides of the granite beam by vacuum and lifted of by air bearings. The fly hight is adjustable by regulating vacuum and pressure of the air bearings. Typically the fly higth is 4 µm.

Messschlitten VLM 120

The measurement accuracy depends on the precision of the granite guidway it is possible to accomplish precisions up to 1µm + 1x10-6 L. We have engeneered a notch hinge to eliminate angularity errors of the guidway. Due to the measuring principle the movement is contact free with no wear. The movement is also stip slick free.

It is possible to mount a varity of different measuring equipment on the VLM 120. Beginning with dial indicators, flexible bases or even customer specific developed carbon bases. For a costomer we have developed a corbon stand to measure straigthness and parallelism of linear guide rails in only one measuring pass.

Due to the use of micro porous air bearings in our measuring slides we achieve an uniform distribution of air over the hole air bearing surface which results in high stiffness and high load capacity of the VLM 120. Furthermore the use of micro porous air bearings makes our measuring slides less sensitive to damages, so they can be easily used in workshops as well as in calibration laboratories.

Technical Details

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